Perfect Plank Co.
Economy Redwood Sign Blanks (Discontinued)  SEE WESTERN RED CEDAR
Sign-makers looking for a less expensive alternative to Western Red Cedar obtain happy results with our Economy Redwood sign blanks. These blanks are made with high quality, second-growth redwood native to Northern California. The blanks are made by finger jointing 1.4" x 2.375" x 27" pieces of clear redwood into plank of the desired length.  The result is a highly stable and homogeneous plank of 2 3/8" thickness that is ideal for two-sided signs.   Perfect Plank sign blanks are laminated with waterproof resorcinol glue. Some of the Economy Redwood is manufactured with one face of all-heart, while the back side is mixed heart and sap.  Other Economy Redwood plank are made with mixed heart and sap on both faces.  NOTE:  Economy Redwood plank are available only in 2 3/8" thickness. Unlike Western Red Cedar plank that are produced in lengths 1" less than nominal, the redwood plank are manufactured in increments of full feet (i.e. 60" and 120")            
All Heart Redwood and Mixed Heart and Sap Redwood
Redwood Sign Blanks--2 3/8" Thick
Ordering  Information
Orders received by 4 p.m. Friday  will be shipped on Friday of the following week.  Exceptions:  Plank which exceed 48" width often require two extra days. Perfect Plank Co. does not maintain accounts. Most customers send a check at the time of order or use a major credit card. Orders are shipped freight collect from Oroville, California.  Orders weighing more than 70 pounds are shipped via XPO Logistics.  Orders weighing less than 70 pounds (within size limits) can be shipped UPS. (Other limitations apply) Upon receipt of order, it is essential that you inspect the freight for damage prior to signing the delivery receipt! Unsatisfactory merchandise can be returned after receiving verbal approval from the Order Desk.  Replacement will be made for defects which are the result of manufacturing error.  However, the Perfect Plank Co. cannot accept responsibility for those defects which are inherent in the species of wood.  In all cases, the liability of the Perfect Plank Co. shall be limited to the sale price of the item and shall not be extended to include the value of any labor or materials used in finishing or installing the product. Upon receipt, it is essential that you finish the ends and BOTH sides of the plank immediately in order to avoid cupping or warping.  All wood products are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and care must be taken to prevent exposure to environmental extremes.    
Perfect Plank Order Desk:  1-800-327-1961 Perfect Plank Order Desk:  1-530-533-7606
60'' 120'' 22'' $103  $220  24'' $125  $265  27'' $137  $298  30'' $156  $331  33'' $172  $364  36'' $188  $398  39'' $212  $458  42'' $236  $525  45'' $256  $562  48'' $277  $600  54'' $375  $700  60'' $410  $760  66'' $820  72'' $900