Perfect Plank Co.
Company History
Perfect Plank Co--A Corporate History
Roy C. Horne (1918-1987)
    PERFECT PLANK is the creation of Roy C. Horne, a graduate of the University of Washington (B.A.1939, M.A., 1947) who developed the concept for the product while working as a research engineer for the Western Pine Association (WPA), a trade organization financed by the timber industry. Horne specialized in developing methods of improved waste utilization, and one of his projects involved the use of finger-jointing to salvage smaller pieces of wood that were effectively being discarded by sawmills and lumber remanufacturers. When none of the association members expressed much interest in the idea, Horne left the WPA and decided to start his own company.       
This proved to be a greater challenge than first contemplated. The initial foray involved the establishment in 1953 of the Engineered Wood Products Co. in Rocklin, California. This company produced PERFECT PLANK for less than a year before the company’s investors elected to withdraw their support. For the next several years Horne contracted with various lumber remanufacturers to produce PERFECT PLANK, including Vaughn Millwork in Reno, Nevada from 1955 to 1957, and High Sierra Pine Mills in Oroville, California from 1958 to 1961. During this latter period, Horne was able to obtain a patent (now expired) for the method that is still a critical element in the production of its high-quality, glue-laminated products. When High Sierra Pine Mills was purchased by Las Plumas Lumber Co. in 1961 , Horne bought the existing machinery from the new owner and, in 1961, formed his own corporation, the present PERFECT PLANK Co. From 1961 to 1987, the company operated in a rented building on the property of Las Plumas Lumber Co. (which later became DG Shelter Products). During this period, each of Horne’s three sons joined the firm, including Jim and Bob in 1974 and Terry in 1981. During the 1980’s, the company considered a number of sites for re-location and, in 1986, finally found a suitable facility on South Fifth Avenue, about one mile southwest of the original plant. This eight-acre property included a factory and warehouse that had been built by a chemical company that closed down after operating for only four months. The property was purchased by a family partnership that rents the facility to the corporation. It took more than a year to expand and equip the existing buildings, and the company finally moved into its new home in September 1987. Since the original expansion, the company has made numerous additions to the facility that now includes 70,000+ square feet of offices, factory and warehouses. The company's future was assured in 2010 when a third generation of the family joined the corporation. Adam Horne and Kathryn Franssen, son and daughter of Terry, have the initial responsibilities of managing accounts payable and helping in sales.