Perfect Plank Co.
Dimension & Lamination Guide
To help facilitate the ordering process we've created a page to assist with any confusion with our Butcher Block terminology. The terms we use most commonly over the phone include Thickness, Width, Length, Laminations, Grain, and Strips. When in doubt, please refer to the chart below when ordering to ensure your Butcher Block order has the correct dimensions.
Lamination is used to describe the width of each strip glued together to create the Butcher Block. This is NOT  to be confused with "laminate" or "sticker laminate"; our product is made with solid wood. As indicated on the home page our material comes in a variety of lamination widths depending on the species, ranging anywhere from 3/4" to 2". It's important to note that, while we will do our best, we cannot guarantee a specific lamination  for an order. Additionally it's very likely that   an order consisting of multiple lengths will have different laminations . Ordering pieces cut from a single compatible longer length can improve the chances of similar lamination widths however this option is usually a bit more expensive and can involve some wood waste. If this is important, please mention this at the time of your order. It's not guaranteed, but we'll do our very best to meet your goals.
You can expect that, unless indicated at the time of your order, the grain will always run along the longest dimension, or the Length of the board. This is the most stable configuration for our Butcher Block. In an example with an 1 3/8" x 25" x 36", the grain/strips will run with the 36" dimension by default. A 36" x 25" (grain running with the 25") would actually be priced as a 36" x 36".
Double Laminated (Sandwich Style) In an attempt to repurpose remaining scrap falloff material, Perfect Plank occasionally utilizes a woodworking process known as Double Lamination (also commonly referred to as Sandwich style). In this method, high quality wood strips too narrow to be incorporated into butcher block are resurfaced and glued to create a stronger revitalized product. These strips will have 1 (or more) glue lines visible from the sides and ends. Please bring this to the attention of the order desk if this configuration poses a problem for you or your customer. While not guaranteed, we will do our best to honor requests based on available staff and inventory.